Unique Beer Products To Make Life Easier

When it comes to homebrewing there is a lot to learn and it can be a lot of work. But the below products can help make your life easier, whether it being drinking your homebrew or actually making it.

Some of the products below are affiliates, but not all of them. I actually came across a few on Instagram and thought they were great! So I thought I’d share.

The Original CraftBeerClub

CraftBeerClub.com is more for “research” than helping in the homebrew process. I am an affiliate of this one, but I love trying out new beer.

On top of that this program not only lets you sample tons of craft beer you would otherwise not try and its also a great gift!

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Hop of the Month Club

Hop of the month club is great if you love supporting small business and trying out different hops. They will send you a box of hops every month from small hop producers around the country.

They also have a sister project called Craft malt box that is getting started and should be up soon.


UKEG from Growlerworks is great. It not only lets you keep your craft brew fresh longer, but you can also force carbonate your own homebrew with it.

So it might actually save you cash and time, so you no longer have bottle or purchase a big keg system.