Understand Beer and Mead Better: Books For Homebrewers

When it comes to brewing beer you can learn a lot of fringe information online and get specific questions answered. But what you don’t get is a firm understanding of the basics and a road-map of the big picture.

Getting your hands on a few beer books will help you better understand homebrewing. Whether it be specific styles or just the basics.

Below are some books I’ve read and enjoyed and a bit of commentary on them to help you decide if you need to pick it up.

I plan on keeping this as updated as possible and I’ll let you know whenever I find a really amazing book.

For Homebrewing Beer

Brew Like a Monk: by Stan Hieronymus

Amazon Link (Brew Like a Monk)

I really love this book. It has everything a beer connoisseur and homebrewer needs. It is strictly about Belgian style beers and it definitely delivers.

The way the author writes and tells specific stories keeps it interesting. It’s also sprinkled with recipes and pro tips.

What I Didn’t Like

There isn’t much I didn’t enjoy about this book other than I felt the author was holding back. I really wanted to know more. More about spices, and other interesting modern takes.

However, this book is becoming a bit dated so the most up to date information is likely lacking. It’s a good thing he focuses a lot on history.

Brewing with Wheat by Stan Hieronymus

Amazon Link (Brewing with Wheat)

I find it odd that the same person wrote this book that wrote Brew Like a Monk. This book is dry, like watching paint dry. I didn’t understand much of the history of the book as it was not well written.

This book is great for those of you that really want to dig into the science and process of brewing with wheat. I actually love wheat beers but it was definitely a hard read.

I would treat this one as a strict textbook and only review it when you need specific information.

German Wheat Beer

German Wheat Beer is an excellent book detailing the history, traditions, and brewing techniques of the truly unique style of beer.

Author and brewmaster Eric Warner discusses the best way to drink familiar wheat beers like Weissebeer and even recommends food pairings for German wheat beers. He also provides instructions and recipes for aspiring homebrewers.

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Fourth Edition: Fully Revised and Updated is an excellent book for homebrewers interested in detailed step-by-step instructions for making a variety of different styles of beer to include wheat beers.

Available in Kindle and paperback, this book gives you all the information you need to get started. It covers the basics of setting up a home brewery, includes world-class recipes, and discusses the latest advancements in the art of brewing beer.

Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher

Radical Brewing keeps surprising me. I keep finding mention of it in the strangest places. This is also where I learned about roasting my own grain. It’s a very interesting read and different from what you might normally be recommended.

This book focuses on the unique ways to brew beer and dives deep into some topics other books skip over.

DIY IPA Craft Beer

DIY IPA Craft Beer – How to Brew Unique India Pale Ale at Home is a customer favorite with its comprehensive instructions for brewing delicious Belgian, English, double, triple, and session IPAs. It also talks you through using chocolate, coffee, fruits, herbs, tea, and more.

Additionally, it discusses common mistakes to avoid when making IPA beers, precautions to consider when brewing beer at home, and 13 hacks guaranteed to make IPA brewing easier.

The New IPA: A Scientific Guide to Hop Aroma and Flavor

 The New IPA: A Scientific Guide to Hop Aroma and Flavor. This book is available in a variety of formats to include audiobook, Kindle, and paperback.

It features easy-to-read breakdowns of academic studies, lab tests, discussions with researchers, and interviews with award-winning brewers. This informative book is a must-have addition to the library of anyone interested in brewing hazy beers using hops.

Wood and Beer: A Brewers Guide

If your are interested in barrel aging and learning about how wood imparts flavor in beer check out this book. It will go into scientific detail on what impacts certain processes will have.

Wood and Beer: A Brewers Guide can be found on Amazon in paperback or on kindle. I highly suggest this book if your interested in using wood. We also wrote a beginners article on wood spirals and cubes if you want to check that out.

Books for Homebrewing Mead

Make Mead Like a Viking

Make mead like a viking as its a very popular mead making book. The positive and complete joy the author portrays makes for a fun and interesting read.

It should also give you the confidence you need to brew your own mead since there is no real right or wrong way to brew, just different ways.