Proper Glassware For Mead

Mead is an interesting ancient  beverage, so it would stand to reason it also has some interesting glassware (not always glass) to drink from. Below are some interesting vessels to drink mead from and explanations of why they are good and how they improve the experience. 

Epure Collection Glassware

This style of glassware is gaining in popularity for mead. This is likely because of the smaller sizes compliment the higher alcohol content of mead.

Also since this is popular with the higher alcohol beer it makes sense that it would translate well to mead since a lot of beer drinkers enjoy mead.

Mead Horn

This drinking cup is most akin to the nordic way of drinking mead. While this beverage container by no means is for mead only, it has gained a reputation for manly mead drinking. Although I would feel like I want to drink something a bit more robust out of it. Maybe a braggot would be nice. 

Note: These containers can get pretty stinky and are hard to clean so make sure you pickup some starsan to get the stink out. 

Nonetheless this is an easier style of container to get your hands on, although the costs can range depending on how authentic it is. 


A mazer is more akin to a bowl than a glass, and is fairly ritualistic in its uses. Nonetheless mead was used in many rituals and communaly drunk out of a mazer for much of its ancient history. These containers are typically not see through and are much more ornate. The wide opening at the top ensures you get a wonderful bouquet of honey. 

These types of cups are typically difficult to find and I have yet to find a good source for them. I’ll keep you all updated on this front. 

Port Wine Glass

Mead is often classified as a desert wine and as such is typically expensive and very rich in flavor. That’s why it’s often drunk just as a dessert wine would be, out of a port wine glass.

Typically this is used to drink a wine called port but is also a great way to drink mead. However, I would suggest drinking a more robust thick mead from it than a traditional lighter mead. 

The Goblet

This is probably the nerdiest glassware you can get to drink mead from and I love it! It will make you feel like a king and why not mead is the drink of kings. There really is no reason to drink from this style of glass other than to feel awesome. 

How to Serve and Enjoy Mead

Mead is a special beverage often drunk at special occasions. There is no real true way to enjoy mead and its really up to what the beverage drinker wants to do to make the occasion especially memorable.

The above containers are just a few ideas of what to drink mead from but there is also the question of how to enjoy it. You can really enjoy it however you want but there are a variety of different ways to drink it.

  • Mulled mead can be enjoy hot, much like a hot toddy.
  • Traditional mead can be served at room temperature.
  • Sparkling mead can be enjoyed cold and carbonated although a lot of traditional mead is un-carbonated.

In the end its really how you want to enjoy your mead. However, many craft mead brewers are beginning to serve most of their meads cold and carbonated. This is likely because beer drinkers are the fastest growing segment of mead drinkers.